Romain Grosjean says kids should dream of racing in IndyCar, not F1


More often than not, the grueling road from karting to Formula 1 goes unrewarded. Very disparate cars mean that most drivers never get the chance to really strut around, let alone compete for the championship. Instead of aiming for F1, then, says Romain Grosjean, several times on the podium, children who want to race should instead look to F1’s fairer cousin, IndyCar.

“I’ve had an amazing career. Yes the last few years have been a bit difficult and frustrating. I knew I could drive but couldn’t show anything,” Grosjean said after a hard-fought podium at Laguna Seca, as transcribed by Speedcafé. “Come somewhere where you can fight at the front, [where] you have an engineer who tells you: “you are the fastest car on the track, you are P1”, you are fighting for the podiums, it is definitely a revival. “

“I understand that a lot of kids want to get to Formula 1. If it’s to be at the back of the grid every weekend, I think you’re better off here, [sic]”continued the Frenchman.” It’s the freedom to drive the car as you like to drive it. You don’t need to worry about charging mode, push mode, tire temperature, tire window, etc.

“You just get in the car, get out of the pit lane, then you push every lap,” Grosjean concluded. “The ability to enjoy every lap we do, to enjoy the fact that you can be competitive in any team, done with the atmosphere in the paddock, obviously with the support of the fans, that’s it what I have. I enjoyed it very much. “

Grosjean was not the only recently relocated F1 driver to find his mojo in IndyCar. Longtime F1 backmarker Marcus Ericsson made the jump in 2019, scoring a podium in his rookie season and improving his form enough to claim two wins in 2021, including a slightly ridiculous one. So far, anyway, there is still one race left this year, and all of no less than half a dozen IndyCar F1 alumni will all be aiming for the top spot on the podium.

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