Sebastian Vettel takes a spin in the Williams FW14B of 1992 F1 title winner Nigel Mansell

Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel completed a few laps in the Williams FW14B of title-winning Nigel Mansell at the weekend of the British F1 Grand Prix.

Vettel bought the car in 2018 and brought it to Silverstone, and updated it to run on carbon neutral fuels. Mansell climbed onto the pit wall to lovingly watch his old machine being given a lap by the four-time world champion, which took place on race day, which was also Vettel’s 35th birthday.


“It was my idea,” Vettel said. “The Red Five is the 1992 car with the Red Five on it. And that means a little more than the car of 30 years ago. Obviously I have number five on my car, I won my first championship with Red Five. Although it was a bit smaller on our car at the time, but it was still #5.

“I wore number 5 a lot in karting throughout karting. And I have number five now, so there’s a connection there. And I think the early 90s are the kind of…memories that I have from Formula 1 the first kind of memories, this car and the years that followed Yeah, it was my idea, my initiative and you know, I thought 30 years… after exactly 30 years after that ‘she won the championship in 1992, but she also won the British Grand Prix 30 years ago.”

Vettel clearly had fun, jostling the car where he could, much to the delight of the crowd.

Nigel Mansell, left, and Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone on Sunday celebrated a classic F1 machine.

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