Summary from RaceFans: “Now we are very upset when we don’t reach Q2”


Summary: Mick Schumacher says his Haas team is feeling more and more competitive to avoid elimination in the first round of qualifying.

In short

Schumacher, who has reached Q2 twice this year at Paul Ricard and Istanbul, admitted it was “definitely frustrating” not to have been able to progress beyond the first round of qualifying and miss an extra race, on so many occasions during the season. far.

However, he has seen real progress from his team since the start of the year. “What’s great to see, for me and for the team really is that we are getting more and more competitive,” he said.

“Now we are very upset not to reach Q2. Especially after what gave us a lot of motivation in Turkey, we were also hoping for something good [in Austin]. We weren’t very far and I think that only confirms our work.

“We can be happy and proud of what we have accomplished with what we have. Obviously I think most of our stuff and most of what we’re working on is for next year and hopefully we get the car next year to be regular in Q2 and even hopefully regularly in Q3.

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Happy Birthday to L. Martins and Haseyachooli!

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