Technical Updates: British Grand Prix

Mercedes and Williams lead the way with the most upgrades made to the British Grand Prix.

What is the home race for the majority of the grid, Mercedes (main picture) brought new developments to its front suspension, sidepod inlets, floor and rear spoiler. With six areas targeted, only Williams has more, with a list of 12 sections of cars that have been improved.

Only Alex Albon has the Williams update, which deals with the front fender, front corner, pontoon inlets, floor, Halo, engine cover, diffuser, rear corner and rear suspension, in a move towards the Red Bull concept.

Red Bull itself has made improvements to its engine cover and floor, as well as making reliability changes to the front corner to better regulate temperature.

Ferrari’s only upgrade is to the bonnet, with the sidepods having been revised and a new mirror housing among those adaptations. The Ferrari concept was followed by Alpine, with the sidepods, front suspension and floor developed before Silverstone.

Aston Martin is another team with a number of new parts, introducing changes to its sidepod inlets, floor and beam wing as well as its rear brake ducts.

For the likes of McLaren (rear wing and cooling vents), Alfa Romeo (nose) and Haas (front wing endplate), there are few new parts, while AlphaTauri has announced none. development.

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