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The 2nd Annual Soall Viet Kitchen Beverly Cyclocross Grand Prix returns to Lyons Park and Dane Street Beach in Beverly on Saturday, September 10. The event is expected to attract hundreds of runners, including members of the US national team.

“While we have over two decades of experience hosting over 30 bike racing events, last year’s Gran Prix Beverly Cyclocross was something of a test event,” said promoter Paul Boudreau of Beverly in a statement. “Now that we know a quality event can be hosted on the site, we will be making some changes to improve the experience.”

Among those changes will be adjustments to the oceanfront course “to improve throughput,” Boudreau said. “While amazing, last year’s course really incorporated a lot of features into the first half of the course. This year’s course will diffuse things like sand and hills so those things are better distributed.

“I’ve always wanted to host a cyclocross event in Beverly and looked at a few potential venues. Looking at Lyons Park and Dane Street Beach, I knew we had an amazing venue,” he said. asked two friends – one national cyclocross champion, the other a designer who has worked on several national championship courses – to take a critical look at the site. Both agreed that the venue is spectacular.

The Beverly Gran Prix and its predecessor, the Gloucester Gran Prix, have always attracted a strong field of riders, including many national champions. This year, the event will offer another bonus for spectators: members of the USA Cycling national cyclocross team competing.

Jesse Anthony, a Beverly native, seven-time national cyclocross champion and currently director of mountain biking and cyclocross for USA Cycling, said Beverly and the North Shore will always hold a special place in his cycling soul.

“Every time I get the chance to come home, I remember how lucky I was to grow up in a place with so many fun, quiet and beautiful places to ride,” Anthony said. . “Also, there is such a strong cycling culture in this region, and the local clubs and riders have been incredibly supportive of me during my developmental years.

“We are bringing USA Cycling Cyclocross National Team athletes to the Beverly Grand Prix to immerse them in the passionate and high-energy New England cyclocross environment,” he added. “This event takes place during our National Team training camp just hours from Western Mass, and the opportunity for these athletes to engage with the New England cyclocross community will be a great experience. learning for them to better understand the heritage of the sport in which they compete.

Cyclocross is a race-specific cycling discipline that mixes road racing, mountain biking and cross-country on a twisty, convoluted course.

Because the course is laid out in a confined area, cyclo-cross is considered the most spectator-friendly discipline of bicycle racing, with crowds typically lining the course, often coming within inches of the riders when they charge.

Runners, often pushing their bodies to their limits, rely on the extra encouragement the crowd can provide.

“There’s nothing quite like hearing friends and family ringing bells and encouraging you to dig deep,” said Chris McKernan of Beverly.

Interested in racing yourself? This year, the Gran Prix Beverly Cyclocross adds several new racing categories, including junior, single-speed and citizen events.

“The Citizen Class race is for anyone who has never raced before,” Boudreau said. “It will be a shorter race to give people a taste of what cyclocross is all about. We are looking for all types of people to try this race. If you only ride indoors in a Peloton, or only ride in town, the Citizen Race is for you.

The Gran Prix Beverly Cyclocross has seven categories, including Amateur Men (noon), Citizen Men and Women (1 p.m.), Junior and Singlespeed (1:30 p.m.), Masters Men (2:30 p.m.), Women (4 p.m.), Elite Men (5 p.m.). A special parade/race for children will take place at 3:30 p.m.

For more information, including photos, contact Race Director Paul

Boudreau at [email protected] The event website is

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