By Bruce Williams

In a tribute that will pay homage to the golden days of Formula 5000, the Rose City 10000 will be revived and racing for historic Formula 5000 cars will be the headline as part of a new “open-wheel motorsport festival” which will will be held at Winton Raceway in October this year.

The ‘Winton Formula Festival’ will be held the weekend of October 14-15, the event could see a gathering of one of the biggest fields of five-litre V8 open-wheel hero cars that have been seen for some time. years.

Formula 5000 competitors will compete for the AUTO ACTION Rose City Cup for historic Formula 5000 cars.

The original Rose City 10000 event was one of the biggest events in Formula 5000, which was the premier open wheeler category in the 70s and early 80s (see some details below).

Formula 5000 will be the main draw card for the new event which Benalla Auto Club and Winton Motor Raceway are promoting in conjunction with the Formula Vee National Challenge and the Formula Ford Association.

A large field of F5000 cars are expected – Lola, Elfin, Matich, McRae, Chevron and March will all be represented – Image by Peter Ellenbogen.

The event will be called the ‘Winton Formula Festival’ and will be held over the weekend of October 15-16 – See details here.

Organizers of Formula 5000 Australia, the group that runs the historic racing class, are delighted with the event. AUTO ACTION spoke to Rod Carroll who is part of the organizing committee for the event.

“We are very pleased to announce that we are relaunching the Rose City 10000 as part of the Winton Formula Festival.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a few years and we believe it will be a great event for our Formula 5000 owners, fans and motorsport enthusiasts in general.

“Winton is a great venue, and it was an exciting place for Formula 5000 racing at the time, and we think this event will generate great interest from people who are not just Formula 5000 fans. , but also motorsport enthusiasts interested in all classes of open wheels.

There will be a significant range of historic Formula 5000s at the event, most brands will be represented from the all conquering Lola in the various models, the fabulous locally made Elfin’s, Australian Matich will be on hand, McRae, Chevron and March will all be at the event.

The Elfin MR8 Chev that James Hunt drove to win the last Rose City 10,000 in 1978 will be at the event – Image by Peter Ellenbogen.

“We have at least 15 Formula 5000 cars confirmed for the weekend’s competition, including the same Elfin MR8 Chev that James Hunt drove to win the last Rose City 10000 in 1978.

“The car is owned by Benalla local Mike Glynn and it will be fantastic to see it again, hopefully on the demo track, otherwise it will certainly be on display. We will also see current Formula 5000 driver Chas Talbot, who finished fifth in the 1978 Rose City 10000 event and will race this year’s event in a Lola 332.

“We hope we can encourage a few more owners to bring their fabulous, fast Formula 5000s to this event, it’s something we want to develop and have as an annual feature on the calendar.” Confirmed Carroll.

AUTO ACTION will support the event and in particular the Rose City Cup for Historic Formula 5000s.

AUTO ACTION Editor Bruce Williams is excited about the event and thinks it will be a great weekend of open wheel racing with the stars of the past represented by Formula 5000 drivers and many stars of the future competing in the Formula Ford and Formula Vee categories. .

“It will be a fantastic racing weekend, I am delighted to see the thunderous Formula 5000 cars racing around Winton and to be able to see them up close.

“I was lucky enough to meet James Hunt when he raced in Winton for the Rose City 10000 all those years ago and being part of this revival event is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the people who keep those fantastic racing cars. the track.” Williams enthuses.

“I’m also delighted to see all the great young talent on display in the Formula Ford and Formula Vee categories. So many of our Supercar and even Formula 1 champions started their racing careers in those categories, so again, it’s It’s great to be part of an event that will showcase all the fantastic young talent we have in this country,” Williams said.

Rod Carroll who is part of the organizing committee for the F5000 event, seen here at Sandown in his Lola T140 – Image by Peter Ellenbogen.

The event will also host the Formula Vee National Challenge and the Australian Formula Ford Festival, with cash prizes on offer for the winners of each Formula Ford class as the Formula Ford Festival is revived.

Benalla Auto Club Group Managing Director Stephen Whyte told AUTO ACTION the event had been in the works for some years.

“We had been planning for a return of an open-wheel festival for some time, but of course, like many activities, COVID stopped the planning in our tracks.

“Formula 5000 is a great category to have back at Winton as a star attraction.

“Winton saw one of its biggest ever crowds in 1978 when Formula 1 World Champion James Hunt raced and won the Rose City 10000 and we are delighted to bring the race back to Winton and give Formula 5000 an event to focus on every year.

“We already know it will be a big event, Formula Vee will have a lot of entries and we hope Formula Ford competitors will want to add their own name to the Formula Ford Festival trophy.

“If you’re a big open wheel racing fan, this will be a great event to attend.” Whyte concluded.

For more details on the 2022 Winton Formula Festival incorporating the Australian VDub Performance Center 2022 Formula Vee National Challenge, 2022 Australian Formula Ford Festival, 2022 Formula 5000 Rose City Cup for Historic Formula 5000.


Graeme McRae won the Tasman then took his sleek GM1 to success in America and England

Graeme McRae won the Tasman then took his sleek GM1 to success in America and England


The official ‘Rose City 10000’ promotional poster

When Winton was deemed too short for the Gold Star rounds, the Benalla Auto Club organized a $10,000 prize and created the Rose City 10000 for Australian National Formula 1 cars and Formula 5000 in 1976, that year- there Alfredo Costanzo won it aboard his Lola T332 Chev.

The Rose City 10000 was an event last held in 1978 and saw 1976 Formula 1 World Champion James Hunt take part in the race – which he won.

It was one of the few events that James Hunt contested outside of Formula 1 and the event drew huge crowds to Winton to see Hunt race against the locals.

Huge publicity was generated by Hunts’ presence in Australia, weekend attendance at the circuit of around 15,000 people on race day, reflecting interest in his racing talent and tabloid lifestyle flamboyant.

Driving an Elfin MR8 Chev, Hunt took on the best of the locals including Alfie Costanzo, John McCormack as well as current Formula 5000 racer Victorian Chas Talbot, who finished a fantastic fifth in the 10,000 event. m and will be at the event in 2022.

In a quick and measured performance all weekend, Hunt won the 30 lap 10,000 from Costanzo in a Lola T332 Chev and Kevin Bartlett driving a Brabham BT43 Chev.

Bruce Williams

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