The price of life

After many Saturdays and a few interruptions, we have reached the final part of our journey to solve the riddle of life. At the end of any race, competition or conflict, there is a prize to be won. Life is a race, a conflict for our eternal existence in which the spirit and the flesh are in conflict over where our soul will spend eternity. Paul elaborates on this mindset an individual should adopt when approaching life in several letters he wrote to various congregations of the early church.

In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 he compares it to the Olympic event of his day. Here he points out that if an individual really desires to be victorious and to win the prize at the end of life, he must condition himself for the race of life, for the fight of life and run as if there were no only one winner. Think about what Paul is saying here; read the passage again. What if one individual, the best Christian, was all that would win the eternal prize at the end of life? Spend some time thinking about what you would change in your life as a full-time professional Christian to make sure you would be the only one.

What is the grand prize that awaits us at the end of life? The scriptures indicate that everyone will receive a prize; a reward… it may not be the precious reward they expected. Review what Paul writes in the following passages: Romans 2:5-11; 2 Thessalonians 1:3-9; and Galatians 6:7-8. As expressed in these scriptures; those who live a (good) life acceptable to God will be rewarded with eternal life. However, those who live a life that is not acceptable (evil) in the sight of God, they will be rewarded with eternal destruction.

To what price are you currently running? Spend some time absorbing Paul’s commentary in Philippians 3:15-21. Take the time to soak up the full significance of all that Paul is expressing here. Now consider the following four main points made by Paul.

1. We need to be mature and put our lives here in this world into proper perspective for what awaits us all at the end of life.

2. We should stick to the pattern of a good Christian life that has been provided in the Word of God.

3. Some live as enemies of Christ.

a. Their thoughts are consumed by the evil things of this world.

b. The things in which they boast are shameful in the sight of God.

vs. They only serve their own desires.

D. In the end, they will reap destruction.

4. Those who are servants of Christ.

a. Their way of life is in heaven.

b. They eagerly await the return of Christ.

vs. They will join him in the eternal home.

I hope the thoughts presented in this series of articles have helped you understand life better. I hope the insights you have gained about your own life will help you to find true purpose, to conform to the supreme pattern, to realize the power that frees from worry, and to set foot on the path that leads to eternal price of a heavenly house. Reflect often on your life; because by doing so, you can continue to make the necessary adjustments to stay in the race that leads to the most beautiful of lives.

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