The sport goes ahead in the fall; Winter to offer new challenges


Mike Burnham, interschool executive director of the Maine Principals’ Association, and Mike Bisson, deputy executive director of the MPA, joined The Drive on Wednesday afternoon to discuss what has been a tumultuous fall sports season at this day.

Lots of games are played which is certainly an improvement from what we were a year ago when soccer and field hockey were in exhibition seasons, while football was limited to 7v7 pass leagues.

Although it has been anything but smooth sailing for those involved in high school sports for the past 2 months. Handfuls of matches have been forced to be postponed or canceled every week for a number of reasons ranging from positive COVID-19 cases to a shortage of bus drivers and referees.

As the Delta variant rages across the country, Maine has not been immune, with Penobscot County recently being one of the hottest per capita hotspots in the United States.

Schools like Hermon have seen their football team wait an additional three weeks to play their first game, while the Hawks’ football teams have been put on a two-week hiatus after just a few games due to the closure of all sports by COVID. Old Town has just experienced a similar multi-week layoff as Bangor football played its last game with 23 squad members quarantined and unable to make it to Scarborough.

Very few schools, if any, have not been affected this fall, but the hope is to complete the schedules in their entirety (or at least as much as possible) and arrive at a playoff that will be open. at all competitions.

However, the advantage that all fall sports have for them other than volleyball is that they are outdoor activities. With about a month and a half left on the calendar and the winter season quickly approaching, the guidelines will need to be reviewed and changes may be needed once the kids move inside for the winter months.

Burnham and Bisson alluded to this fact when they appeared on The Drive earlier this week, saying that one or more of those three options could be on the line this winter. 1) Compulsory vaccination to practice winter sports. 2) Regular checks of the athletes. 3) The return of masks during competitions, as we saw last winter during the exhibition basketball season.

With a growing number in the region, the MPA hopes to keep the competitions as “normal” as possible while ensuring that the health and safety of the children, coaches and officials who participate remain the top priority.

Listen to the rest of our conversation with Mike Burnham and Mike Bisson, below –

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