Tokyo Drama Awards: “Dearest” wins the Grand Prize

“TBS Television”Very expensive“, which mixes mystery and love triangle story, was named Wednesday winner of the Grand Prize for the drama series at the Tokyo Theater Awards.

Annual awards for dramas aired in the past year are awarded each October at the International Theater Festival in Tokyo. They are organized by the executive committee of the Tokyo International Theater Festival. This year, they were also the subject of a discussion broadcast live on the TIFFCOM website

The show features the key witness to a murder as the former lover of a detective on the case, as well as an object of romantic interest of a lawyer. He swears to protect her by any means necessary. Director Ayuko Tsukahara said the 10-hour series grabs the viewer’s attention with not only the romantic complications of the principals but also the classic thriller question: who is the real killer?

Meanwhile, in the single drama category, the Grand Prize went to NHK drama “Bullets, Bones and Blocked Noses.” With internationally acclaimed Odagiri Joe (“Adrift in Tokyo”) as writer, director and star, the show features a police dog handler and his “awesome” dog (Odagiri) who appears to the dog handler under the features of a lazy potty – a middle-aged man with a mouth in a dog costume. Producer Yoshiko Yamamoto said that “people around the world will be happy to see that we still know how to do silly shows in Japan.”

In addition to the Grand Prize winners, six shows in each of the two main categories were honored, along with two shows in the local drama category. In addition, special prizes for foreign drama were awarded to Indonesian love drama “Broken Kite”, Taiwanese afterlife drama “Twisted Strings”, which was produced by famous author Hou Hsiao-hsien, and to Thai drama. “A Tale of Thousand Stars”, about a heart transplant recipient who investigates the life of his benefactor

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