Tsunoda says Ricciardo incident in Mexico shows Sao Paulo GP penalty was wrong RaceFans

Yuki Tsunoda remains unhappy with the 10-second penalty imposed on him in Brazil for a collision with Lance Stroll.

The AlphaTauri driver pointed out that Daniel Ricciardo went unpunished for a first-lap collision with Valtteri Bottas at the Mexico City Grand Prix, and believes the same should have applied to him.

“I think it wasn’t entirely my fault,” Tsunoda said. “For me, 10 seconds is really, I think, way too hard.

“I mean, five seconds is still, for me, pretty hard compared to the one I saw in the first lap in Mexico in the first corner, the collision with Bottas, they had no penalty . I got a 10 second penalty.

Ricciardo was not penalized for hitting Bottas after the marshals decided he had his car under control, having blocked a wheel, when the pair made contact at the top of the corner. Tsunoda said he saw his collision with Stroll “a lot of times” and thought the two incidents were similar.

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“I didn’t have a lock-up. I often stayed on the inside sidewalk and there was just no space. Clearly I saw that there was no space, I can’t go any further than that and somehow he just closed the door like a normal line. Just like it drives normally and we have a collision and I had quite a bit of damage after that. For me, I still think it wasn’t entirely my fault.

Stroll, who retired with damage later in the race, said the incident “was a disgrace” but was not convinced he could have scored any points.

“We were able to fight in the race. I think it might have been difficult to score points but I was, after a difficult Friday, recovering a bit in the sprint race and we were recovering a bit more on Sunday.

“It was a shame it must have ended our race like this. But it’s done now and it’s focused on the last races of the season.

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