Two great children’s books to introduce children to Formula 1

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I’m at an age where, although I don’t plan on having kids, a lot of people I know are – and I’m always on the lookout for some cute race car themed gifts to celebrate a new addition to a family. Andy Amendola from Red racing books released two new books that are now my favorites: Racing ABCs: My First Guide to Formula 1 Racing and All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Carsillustrated by Wei Ren.

These books have been circling around my general social media sphere for a while, so I finally took the plunge and ordered my own copies.

Amendola discovered his love of Formula 1 through by Netflix Drive to survive, and as a father himself, he wanted to introduce his own children to the sport. As such, both books highlight key STEM terms and concepts as they apply to running, with All about racing cars serving as a slightly more advanced follow-up to ABCs of racing. Even better: ABCs of racing is also available in Spanish.

ABCs of racing offers brief descriptions of key Formula 1 terms, such as go-karting or understeer, to help children grasp the concept being described. With Ren’s wonderful illustrations, this is pretty basic reading for kids interested in racing, something you can easily use to help young readers expand their vocabulary and make sense of complex racing terms like aerodynamics.

All about racing cars is a bit more advanced. I would give this book to a child who already has a solid vocabulary and is interested in some of the more difficult racing terms. Here, Amendola dives into everything from safety gear like HANS devices and halos to the different tire compounds available during a race weekend.

If you’re looking to impress with a kid’s gift, look no further. Both books are available at Red racing books for less than $20.

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