Unvaccinated drivers will not be allowed at the Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1 news: Australian GP organizers have warned all F1 drivers to get vaccinated. The organizers have warned drivers due to the Covid -19 pandemic. The Australian GP is the third race on the F1 calendar.

Previously it was the first race on the F1 calendar but this year it will be held after two years in Melbourne as the third round of the championship. Since the race has not taken place for two years due to the Covid -19. The authorities are very strict with the protocols this time.

They have also been very tough on their own citizens and they have said that if a driver is not fully vaccinated they will be refused entry. Even tennis player Novack Djokovic was denied entry into the country as he was not vaccinated.

The world is still struggling with Covid-19 and Australian authorities have been strict with everyone. So even the drivers will not be spared if they do not follow the protocols and therefore will not be allowed in the grid.

Formula 1 news: Unvaccinated drivers will not be allowed at the Australian Grand Prix

The race will take place in April from April 8-10 and the Grand Prix event has got the F1 community very excited. McLaren’s Daniel Riccardo is also very excited as he will be racing in front of his own home crowd.

Officials aim to avoid the situation with Djokovica Serbian professional tennis player to repeat as it caused great controversy as his visa was cancelled.

Formula 1 News: “There will be no exceptions for any driver” Andrew Westacott

Even Andrew Westacott said that to enter the country, these simple rules must be followed. These rules are very simple to apply in Formula 1.

He also added that there will be no exceptions for any pilot. No one will be admitted to the event unless fully vaccinated. Safety is the top priority.

These rules are in accordance with the FIA ​​and the provisions in Australia are long before the Australian Open. As the rules are understood by the FIA, Andrew is sure these will be a necessity to enter the country.

He concluded: “There is zero tolerance. Whether you are Lewis Hamilton or Valentino Rossi in MotoGP, if your test is positive, you are not racing this weekend. According to reports, Hamilton is fully vaccinated and has also asked fans to get vaccinated as well.

The entire F1 lineup is known to be fully vaccinated, including homeboy Daniel Riccardo. He also supported vaccination.

Australian fans missed the local race. Since 2019, it will be the first race to be held in the country. Organizers promised there was no chance it would be canceled this year. They will ensure that all protocols are followed.

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