Vettel: happier at Aston Martin than at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel admits he is now happier with Aston Martin than with Ferrari, after his first Formula 1 season with the British team.

Vettel finished his first season in Green 12th in the drivers’ standings, not a spectacular result, but the quadruple F1 world champion delivered solid training in Monaco where he finished fifth, and in Baku where he was clinched Aston Martin’s first podium with a second place.

He could have won in Hungary if his team hadn’t botched his pit stop in an attempt to undermine eventual race winner Esteban Ocon and finished second, which was later taken away from him, after the FIA ​​failed could not extract a sufficient sample of fuel from his car. .

Max and Lewis both deserved the title

Now that the season is over, the German has spoken to Blick about several topics, with the 2021 season finale at the Abu Dhabi debacle, where Max Verstappen won the 2021 title from Lewis Hamilton, being at the forefront of the topics.

“It all left a pretty strange impression,” Vettel said of what happened in the closing laps of the race. “The land behind the safety car should have been sorted out much sooner.

“I made the suggestion over the radio after the first round,” he revealed.

“I only saw the Dutch fans jump on the last lap,” continued Vettel. “That’s when I knew: Max is ahead. And Lewis didn’t stand a chance with his tires.

“Well, both would have deserved the title,” he insisted. “It’s a shame for Hamilton, because he had a very good second half of the season.

“Now I just congratulate the two drivers,” said Vettel.

A difficult year for Aston Martin

Aston Martin finished third in the 2020 Manufacturers’ Rankings, in their Racing Point guise, with their “Mercedes-inspired” RP20 being dubbed the pink Mercedes.

With the regulatory changes on the ground for 2021 hurting low-lean cars, namely Mercedes and Aston Martin, the latter has not been able to recover the lost performance as the former has managed to do.

“We have generally had a difficult year with the new regulations and the modified, even cut, underbody,” said the four-time world champion. “We didn’t have such a steep angle of attack at the back as Red Bull, for example.

“Mercedes also suffered from the underbody. In 2020, they were still 1.5 seconds ahead.

After highlighting his car’s inconsistent performance on the track, the 34-year-old said: “It’s true.

“Our car is not that efficient. This is a weak point. Unfortunately, we’ve had too much drag too often.

Objectives for 2022

Vettel was reluctant to set targets for 2022, preferring to go the safe route by insisting, “Of course, you can’t give any numbers or predictions yet.

“I can’t say now that we want to be the fastest team and become the world champion. But if you talk to all the teams, most of them hope and believe that they will be at the forefront.

“It does not work. We must also keep our feet on the ground and remain realistic, ”warned the 53-time winner.

When asked if Aston Martin would like another constructors seventh place, the German joked: “Of course not, but some teams will end there.”

No problem with the boss’s son

Commenting on his relationship with teammate Lance Stroll, son of team owner Lawrence Stroll, Vettel said: “We have a professional relationship.

“And the team works like that too, has brought in a lot of staff for months for the new start.

“There is a great atmosphere of optimism. I like it, and I also like to continue.

“New things have always motivated me,” said the Aston Martin driver.

Happier at Aston Martin

Vettel’s acrimonious split from Ferrari is well documented, the German showing the door after six years for Maranello who, despite 14 wins, did not bring the F1 title trophy back to the Scuderia coffers.

His last season in red was embarrassing to say the least, Vettel said: “Well my departure from Ferrari was maybe a little strange.

“In this regard, I am happier now than before.

“But I would never want to miss my time at Ferrari. Although my expected big hits did not happen there. After all, we wanted to be world champions.

Vettel won the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix for Ferrari, the team’s last victory to date, with the former Ferrari and Red Bull ace explaining why: “This is clearly due to the lead from Mercedes and Red Bull.

“Unfortunately, they continue to be so blatantly superior.

“But at some point Ferrari will also win again and become world champion,” he mused.

Will the 2022 regulation work?

Ferrari has banked on the 2022 aero and pneumatic regulations as their chance to re-enter the winner’s circle, with the FIA ​​and F1 hoping that these regulations would bring the peloton together, perhaps change the pecking order and allow for closer races and Moreover. exceeding.

However, the big question remains: will the long-awaited rules work?

“That’s the big question,” said Vettel. “Like I said, a new set of regulations gives hope to everyone.

“Now we have to wait a year and see if everything develops for the better – in all regions of the current ranking.

“In short, we will have to see if everyone really gets closer and if there are more overtaking,” he summarizes.

Win the very first overtaking prize

Vettel was the F1 driver with the most overtakes this season, 132 to be precise, winning the top overtaking prize, which the German is not so proud of.

He joked with Blick, saying, “Well if you have to start at the back of the field most of the time you have a better chance of winning that passing title.

“I would have preferred to score more points in the championship (43; note) and especially not to lose my second place in Budapest.

“I was told that 0.3 liters of fuel was lost in the tank,” said Vettel as he reflected on the loss of what could have been his second podium for Aston Martin.

Vettel’s debut season with Aston Martin has shown he still packs a punch, and as he kicks off his 16th full-time season in F1 next year, the youngest F1 champion will be hoping his team – going through an ambitious rebuild under the leadership of Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll – will provide him with a car good enough to fight, if not for wins, but closer to the front of the grid.

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