Vettel: I think our car is a little too dragging

Quadruple Formula 1 World champion Sebastian Vettel, who left Ferrari for Aston Martin for the 2021 season, has explained the difficulties he has encountered with his new car, saying it is a bit too dragging.

The German who was lucky enough to resuscitate his F1 career by Aston Martin, after being bluntly let down by Ferrari in 2020, has fought for consistent form behind the wheel of his team’s new car, the AMR21, or as he prefers to call her “Honey Ryder”.

The 2020 car, built by the team in its previous incarnation as Racing Point, was “inspired” by the low-lean aero design philosophy embraced by world champions Mercedes, and the team achieved a solid fourth. place in the 2020 constructors ranking, with former driver Sergio Perez winning the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix.

Revised aero regulations targeting the floors of F1 cars this year hurt cars with the low-lean concept, namely Mercedes and Aston Martin.

But while Mercedes has managed to recoup the lost performance, Aston Martin has failed to do so and is currently seventh in the constructors’ standings.

Aston Martin is not a super efficient car

Talk to Sports car, Vettel explained that he was struggling to deliver consistently during his race in 2021, he said: “We had races where the race felt really good, we had other races where I have a lot struggle.

“Overall, what matters is how competitive you are. In terms of competition, I think our car is a bit too dragging, ”revealed Vettel.

“We don’t have a super efficient car, and we don’t have enough downforce,” continued the German. “I think that’s the main weakness.

“From there it’s hard to get over that,” he admitted.

Vettel explained that good tire management with a smart strategy was one of the methods they adopted to overcome the car’s aerodynamic flaws, but it was not enough for all races.

“Some tracks helped him, others we got over it by maybe finding a good set-up, working the tires well and finding a good strategy,” he said.

“I think overall when the car is in the window we can do a reasonable job and score points.

“It’s not always easy to get into that window, and secondly, it’s extremely competitive in the region where we are racing.

“It looks like halfway through the season other teams may have made a bit more progress than we are now,” lamented the 53 grand prix winner.

The big unknown is 2022

As F1 begins a new era in 2022, with the introduction of a set of completely overhauled aero regulations, hoping to deliver better races, Vettel believes they are stepping into the unknown, while expressing his confidence in his team.

“Obviously, the big unknown is for next year, what happens next year with the change of cars and so on, but we will not be able to answer this question until next year,” he said. He underlines.

“But overall the team that I find is strong,” insisted the 34-year-old. “In terms of engineering and the edge of the track, it’s solid.

“I think he is growing at a steady pace and that a lot of projects and good things are coming,” Vettel summed up.

Vettel talks about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

The Aston Martin driver also spoke in his team’s press release, previewing the upcoming Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

“The circuit looks interesting; it’s very long, has a lot of turns and looks very fast, ”said Vettel.

“We’ve prepared as much as possible for the track, but there’s nothing quite like doing laps on the board.

“We aim to score more points this weekend,” he concluded.

Vettel’s first season in British Racing Green saw him reach heights as his two second places in Baku and Hungary, although he was pulled from the latter for a fuel irregularity on his car, but the curve of its results is far from linear. He occupies 12th place in the drivers’ classification.

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