Visitors office: the Great Lakes Grand Prix breaks records


A boat in this year’s Great Lakes Grand Prix. (WNLP photo by Mike Kellems)

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The decision to expand Michigan City’s 2021 Great Lakes Grand Prix by continuing both races this year has paid off for the community, setting all-time records for attendance and revenue, according to Visit Michigan City LaPorte. Visitors Bureau.

A total of 249,400 people visited the 12e annual event held Aug. 4-8, generating $ 17.7 million for the La Porte County economy, according to the office. “We expected a good turnout and weren’t disappointed,” said Jack Arnett, executive director of Visit Michigan City La Porte. “The addition of the AquaX events again was a great success and we plan to develop this part of the event in the future.”

The Great Lakes Grand Prix, held on Lake Michigan on the south shore of Michigan City’s Washington Park, features some of the world’s fastest motorboats, cruising at speeds close to 175 miles per hour. Originally organized to showcase Michigan City and its lakeshore, the race has become a major draw for visitors.

“The Great Lakes Grand Prix is ​​such an amazing event, and we are so lucky to have it in Michigan City on our beautiful lake. The impact of this event on our economy is enormous, but the social impact is just as important. Michigan City comes together and shows what an amazing community it is, ”said Mayor Duane Parry.

The economic impact report is produced by Certec, Inc., a marketing analysis group based in Lexington, Ky. The report shows that visitors from out of town, Illinois, Indiana, of Michigan and Florida, spent $ 11.8 million this year on direct expenses such as food, drink, shopping, and transportation, accounting for a large chunk of the $ 17.7 million in revenue this year. year. In addition, local residents who attended the event contributed an additional $ 913,000 in direct expenses. Jobs directly related to the Grand Prix provided more than $ 3.9 million in wages to workers in LaPorte County.

The 13th event is scheduled for August 4-7, 2022.

For more information, contact Jack Arnett, [email protected] or 219-608-9659.

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