W Series champion Jamie Chadwick dreams of becoming the first female driver to race in F1 in nearly 50 years

What’s it like working with Jenner, the world-renowned Olympic gold medalist decathlete?

“It’s unlike any experience I’ve had before. To have a crew chief like Caitlyn – which is a huge name – coming into the W-Series shows where the race is in terms of the kind of exposure it’s getting right now,” Chadwick explained.

“Caitlyn has a wealth of experience in the sport, so as a mentor figure, she’s someone who understands the sport and the athlete mindset that she has is really cool, so her advice is really helpful,” she added.


In the history of Formula 1, there have only been five female racing drivers who entered a Grand Prix, but only two who qualified and raced in one. The last was Lella Lombardi in 1976.

Chadwick hopes to be the third.

“For every young driver, the pinnacle of the sport is Formula 1. I love the competitive nature of the sport; the speed, the adrenaline factor that comes with running. There are still a lot of things I want to achieve in this sport, and Formula 1 is the ultimate goal,” she said.

Chadwick is on the right track.

As well as driving for the Jenner Racing team in the W series, she is also part of the Williams Driver Academy, as development driver for the Williams Racing F1 team.

“They have a roster of drivers who compete in the starting series, from Formula 2 to Formula 4. So with their support, the ultimate goal is to get in a Formula 1 car with them,” he said. she explains.

Interestingly, there are no technical rules that prohibit women from competing in F1. Yet it has been nearly half a century since the world has seen a female driver debut on the F1 grid.

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