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Ted Lasso, Apple TV +

Won: pretty much everything else, but most importantly, an exceptional comedy series

Relentless Optimism Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) likes to remind his hapless football team of one thing: “I believe in Believe.

It’s a confusing, albeit prophetic message, with Sudeikis and the ensemble Ted lasso crew riding this wave of self-confidence to Emmy glory. The series has won numerous trophies, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series for Sudeikis. Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein also swept the support category.

The triumph was especially sweet for Sudeikis, who single-handedly transformed Ted lasso from a sketch idea for NBC to an Emmy-winning comedy.

“I had a hunch that there might be a story to be told here, a bigger one,” Sudeikis said in a conversation with senior cultural writer Karl Quinn earlier this year.

Throughout the interview, Sudeikis explained why Ted lasso was widely adopted as a TV show to keep us laughing at a time in history when things seem so terrible. “Sarcasm and sarcasm don’t exist in the show,” Sudeikis said.

If you are looking for a laugh without a snark and a warm, fuzzy side, Ted lasso is now available on Apple TV +.

Easttown Mare, Binge

Won: Kate Winslet, Lead Actress of a Limited Series or Anthology

Taking the stage to accept the lead actress award in a limited or anthology series, it took Kate Winslet just five words to remind us why we love her so much.

“OK. Okay, okay, breathe. OK,” the English actress whispered in a quiet moment of self-motivation the world witnessed. It was that same relativity that Winslet used. to elevate HBO Easttown mare from a regular crime show to the best crime drama of recent years.

Emmy winner Kate Winslet.Credit:AP / Chris Pizzello

Easttown mare managed to stand out by mixing up, capturing the relatable struggle of everyday life, and pulling it together into seven thrilling episodes.

“Easttown mare worked because of everything it wasn’t: it wasn’t a glossy TV adaptation book, aka Big little lies, and it wasn’t a wig and a coat, aka The defeat», Louise Rugendyke, editor-in-chief of S and TV Liftout in The herald of the sun, wrote in his review.

“She was firmly anchored in the servant presumably: the overflowing cupboards, the clothes dryer in the bedroom, the bags of frozen vegetables, the Cheese Whiz squirted on a fries. “

The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix

Won: exceptional limited series

Success takes many forms, and there is no doubt that The Queen’s Gambit executive producer William Horberg was thrilled when the series won the Emmy for an Outstanding Limited Edition.

The Queen’s Gambit was a bet that paid off for Netflix – no matter how you do it, period drama about a chess player is a hard sell on paper. As the show got off to a good start – Anya Taylor-Joy, a revelation as chess prodigy Beth Harmon – The Queen’s Gambit necessary to play the game well. A bad move at chess, and it was over for The Queen’s Gambit.

But according to Ian Rogers, Australia’s first chess grandmaster, it’s in the detail that The Queen’s Gambit book.

“Granted, I had a great time, with the small number of technical chess mistakes that are easy to ignore,” Rogers wrote in his review.

“Indeed, one of the strangest concepts – Harmon visualizing positions on the ceiling rather than on the chessboard when calculating – may appear to be just a cinematic device, but it is also a characteristic of some greats. high level masters. “

Winning first prize at the Emmy Awards and marked the approval of a grand chess master, it remains only to press play on The Queen’s Gambit. Your move.

Hacks, Stan

Won: Jean Smart, Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy Series

What happens when a stationary object encounters an unstoppable force? Oh, but it’s worth noting that the Still Object is a failed comedy legend and the Unstoppable Force is a boring millennial semi-titled comedian. Hacks that’s what’s happening.

Streaming on Stan (property of Nine, the publisher of this masthead), Hacks could be the most original comedy of the past five years, thanks mainly to the two female roles that animate the series.

Smart plays Deborah Vance, a faded comedy legend whose punchlines are outdated but whose one-liners still sting. His training partner is comedian Hannah Einbinder who plays Ava Daniels, the awakened but broken comedian forced out of the slum as Vance’s writer.

The relationship between Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and millennial writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) is strained, but effortlessly funny.

The relationship between Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and millennial writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) is strained, but effortlessly funny. Credit:HBO Max

The couple’s chemistry is electric, and it makes sense that the two scored Emmy nods, with Smart winning the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Together, Einbinder and Smart have created two desperately loathsome characters that you can’t help but love.

“Einbinder is perfect as a surly millennial slacker on the verge of gaining some appreciation for what it takes to be a woman in show business in this deep and deep era before hashtags,” wrote critic Brad Newsome in his review.

“While the outlines of Deborah’s character are pure Joan Rivers, Smart makes the character entirely her own with a compassionate, nuanced, and mercurial performance that never settles into predictability.”

Comparisons to the late Joan Rivers are inevitable, which Smart touched on in a broad interview with culture editor Michael Idato,

“I wanted her to be a unique creation because every comedian is so unique, I would never try to make an impression of Joan Rivers or Roseanne Barr or whoever it is,” said Smart. “It must be something that is kind of coming from me, otherwise I don’t think it would ring true.”

I can destroy you, frenzy

Won: Michaela Coel, exceptional writing for a limited or anthology series or film

If you needed another reason to watch I can destroy you, may I suggest you google Michaela Coel’s Emmy acceptance speech. After winning the Outstanding Writing Award for a Limited or Anthology Series or Film, the 33-year-old took the stage and delivered a searing speech that will be replayed in highlights for many years to come.

“Write the story that scares you, that makes you feel uncertain, that isn’t comfortable. I challenge you, ”Coel said.

“In a world that prompts us to walk the lives of others to help us better determine how we feel about ourselves and, in turn, to feel the need to be constantly visible – for visibility these days seem in a way synonymous with success – don’t be afraid to disappear.

It’s the same way with words that makes I can destroy you both deep uncomfortable and essential viewing.

Dealing with consent issues following sexual assault, Cole’s writing (and acting) guarantees I can destroy you is second to none. A television drama born of this age, created by and featuring a talent who understands the world in which she has been immersed.

“By playing Arabella, Coel is as nuanced and multifaceted as his show. She’s striking, magnetic to watch, and her character is impulsive, infuriating, irresponsible, sometimes callous, but also gentle, tender and funny, ”wrote reviewer Debi Enker in her review.

“She’s also a very good writer.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Stan

Won: exceptional competition program

As with other mononymous stars – Beyonce, Madonna, Cher – RuPaul no longer needs a last name, such is the cultural significance of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

RuPaul (whose real last name is Charles) added to his already impressive legacy yesterday by hitting the gong for an exceptional competition schedule for RuPaul’s Drag Race. The victory brings RuPaul’s Emmy to 11 trophies, which means he’s now the most awarded black artist in Emmy history.

RuPaul Charles has become the most awarded artist in Emmy history.

RuPaul Charles has become the most awarded artist in Emmy history.

It’s an impressive feat and a testament to the tenacity of an artist who could overcome early childhood trauma to become an icon in his industry, a topic RuPaul brought up in his interview with Michael Idato.

“I have always believed in magic and the ability to create the life you want on this planet,” Charles said.

“In fact, that’s what the pickup is for. Drag says you are more than what he says on your passport, you are much more. You are connected to the power that created the universe.

It’s worth dipping a high heel into the universe that RuPaul has created. You won’t soon forget it.

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