WKU Forensics Team Wins 4th Annual NFA-LD Grand Prix

Members of the WKU forensic team include (back row, left to right) Miles Morton, Antonina Clementi, Andre Swai, Imamulhaq Brula; (front row, left to right) Tanya Prabhakar, Madelynn Einhorn, Tess Welch, Avery Lenihan.

The WKU Forensics team won the championship in all divisions at the 4th Annual NFA-LD Grand Prix hosted virtually by Missouri State University’s Spicer Debate Forum on March 12-13.

The tournament is one of the toughest of the season as it features a unique double elimination procedure which leads to more debate than a normal tournament. After 12 rounds and nearly 30 hours of competition, WKU achieved two program firsts by closing out the varsity division by finishing in the top 3 and sweeping the other two divisions by taking first place in junior-varsity and novice. The team also won six speaker awards, including top 3 in the college division.

Debate director Chad Meadows said: “This tournament is a critical test for our program to determine if we have developed the mental toughness to maintain the rigor of the national tournament in April. Our students have passed this test and have a better idea of ​​what we need to improve over the next month. »

In the 2022 Grand Prix, WKU competed against Florida State University, Pennsylvania State University, Lafayette College, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, among others. WKU will face off against these programs and more in the National Forensics Association’s Lincoln-Douglas Debate National Tournament hosted by Illinois State University.

This weekend, the team begins its final preparations for the next national tournaments.

The 2022 Grand Prix results are as follows:

  • Lincoln-Douglas Open Debate: Madelynn Einhorn of Dayton, Ohio, co-champion; Tess Welch of Houston, Texas, co-champion; Andre Swai of Springfield, Missouri, co-champion; Miles Morton of Sherman Oaks, Calif., 9th.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Junior Varsity Debate: Antonina Clementi of Lafayette, Louisiana, champion.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Novice Debate: Imam Brula of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Top Novice.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker: Madelynn Einhorn, 1st; Tess Welch, 2nd; Andre Swai, 3rd; Miles Morton, 9th.
  • Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker: Antonina Clementi, 2nd.
  • Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker: Imam Brula, Top Novice.

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