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Less than a week after the MXGP in Germany, the paddock continues its series of 10 races in a row and is currently en route to Lacapelle Marival, France, for the 12th round of the FIM Motocross World Championship. For the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP team, the French Grand Prix offers another chance for its star riders Jeremy Seewer and Glenn Coldenhoff to aim for a place on the podium. At the same time, Ben Watson aims to maintain his position as the best-placed rookie in the category. In MX2, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team are set for an incredible weekend as they enter France’s MXGP with French ace Maxime Renaux leading the FIM MX2 World Championship with 85 points ahead of his teammate Jago Geerts. The team also arrives with the fast Frenchman Thibault Benistant, who is aiming for a second MX2 podium.

Although the Lacapelle Marival circuit has never held a Grand Prix before this weekend, the track itself is familiar to most riders as it hosts one of the most popular international pre-season races. The track itself is hard, narrow and compact with a lot of elevation. This should be a relatively technical circuit where, as always, a good start will be key.

Having finished in the top five positive and refreshing in Germany, Seewer is determined to keep the pace. As the Swiss sensation returns to full health, he hopes to get closer to the leaders and aims for a strong end to his 2021 campaign. He is currently sixth in the championship standings.

It’s a similar story for Coldenhoff, who finished tied on points with his teammate last time around. This week, the Dutchman will race twice in France ahead of the Grand Prix, where he is focusing on a good start and consistently fast laps.

As for The Rookie, Watson, the French Grand Prix offers the opportunity to gain more experience and for the 24-year-old to climb to ninth position in the championship. He is currently 10th, just 3 points behind MXGP veteran Alessandro Lupino.

In MX2, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team enter the 12th round of the championship in style after a fantastic round in Germany which saw Renaux claim their third GP victory of the season. With three wins and nine podiums to his credit, the Frenchman managed to extend his lead to 85 points over his teammate Jago Geerts.

Although the Lacapelle circuit is uncharted territory for championship leader Renaux, the “959” is ready to take on any challenge as it pursues a second motocross world title – its first was in 2015 when it won. won the Junior Motocross World Championship in the 125cc Class aboard a Yamaha YZ125.

After rising to second in the MX2 Championship standings, Geerts is hoping to continue his momentum as he aims for a fifth silver podium. Meanwhile, Benistant looks forward to racing at home and is confident of further improvements to come as he focuses on his starts and ramps up his running intensity. The 198 is currently sixth in the championship standings.

Also joining the queen classes of Lacapelle Marival, the fourth and sixth rounds of the EMX125 and EMX250 Championships will take place on Saturday, October 9.

Confidence is high under the official MJC Yamaha EMX125 awning after Ivano van Erp claimed an emphatic victory in the German EMX125 round last weekend. This victory was van Erp’s very first victory in the European Championship. He is now ninth in the championship race, while the team’s youngest driver, Ferruccio Zanchi, remains a strong top five contender. He’s sixth. After suffering a pre-season injury and missing a lap, Karlis Reisulis is 24th.

Leading Hutten Metaal Yamaha’s official EMX250 team and fresh off a first appearance on the EMX250 podium in Germany, Andrea Bonacorsi is looking for more as he looks to improve on his fifth position in the EMX250 Championship. The 18-year-old rookie will be joined at the gate by fellow GYTR-equipped YZ250FM drivers Dave Kooiker and Jeremy Sydow. Kooiker is currently ninth in the series, while Sydow is in 27th place, having just returned from an injury last season last weekend.

Jeremy Seewer

6th ranking of the MXGP championship, 309 points

“I ran at Lacapelle a few times. It’s pretty tight and small, and I’m curious how they’re going to fix it for the GP. It will be the same for everyone and in fact I don’t care where we run or how we run, as long as we go out and run where I can be my old self. My training is back to normal so I should be on the bike, training and trying to stay alert for the rest of the season. I’m going to concentrate on riding, I won’t make too many changes on the bike, I will just have two good days, and I will go one step further in terms of speed. My goal will be to be in the top five and be closer to the podium.

Glenn coldenhoff

8th ranking of the MXGP championship, 263 points

“I have done a few pre-season races in the past. If the layout will be the same for this weekend’s GP, it will be a small and narrow track compared to other French GPs like Ernée or St Jean D’Angely. I will be driving two days in France this week to prepare myself. The goal is to take two good starts and have consistent results. Hopefully this will result in a good overall rating.

Ben watson

10th MXGP Championship ranking, 223 points

“I have already raced Lacapelle twice for a pre-season event. It’s a small track but with a bit of elevation, jumps and waves so I think it can get technical. Right now, and having races every weekend there is not a lot of time to test and make big changes, I think you can easily get lost and although there are still a lot of races to go. to do, they will come very quickly now so I will try to focus more on my improvement race after race rather than changing a lot with the bike. The objectives remain the same as usual. I’m not crazy focused on my result number at the end of the weekend. I need to ride to the best of my ability and have fun; results will come with that.

Maxime Renaux

MX2 championship leader, 448 points

“I’ve never been to Lacapelle so it will be nice to discover a new track. I really like these back-to-back races. Even though it’s intense, I like to be racing every weekend. Recovery is really important, so we try to recover as much as possible between races. We will plan the training to not use too much energy and keep it cool for the weekends.

I will only be doing one outing this weekend just to get a feel for the bike. I’m not going to make any changes to the bike. I am very happy with all the settings now. The goal of the weekend is to continue to stand on the podium and score good points. Trying to go ahead will also be the goal of the weekend.

Jago Geerts

2nd MX2 championship ranking, 363 points

I drove to Lacapelle two or three times. It’s a fairly small track, but the layout is nice. They will probably make some changes for the GP this weekend. So we’ll see on Sunday.

I’ll probably ride once this week and work a bit more on my starts to be ready for Sunday. My goal is to have fun on the bike and try to make two good starts. I hope I will be back on the podium on Sunday.

Thibault Benistant

6th in the MX2 championship standings, 307 points

“I like the Lacapelle piste. I haven’t ridden there that much, but it’s a good track and for sure being able to ride among the French public is going to be really nice for me and something that I’m really looking forward to.

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